February 4, 2011 It's time this blog was made
All happened by accident to try to have a blog, but all I think it is a fad it makes me feel the thrill in itself.

Before I created this blog
Se Avancee, I had earlier made ​​another blog that is Trialblog. As the name implies Trialblog I just made ​​an experiment to create a blog that I think is better than Trialblog, namely Se Avancee.

A variety of display I have tried, but nothing makes me really satisfied with the template that I can, eventually with my little knowledge about html and css I finally dared to make a template of your own.

And apparently it's not as easy as I thought, but a strong determination kept me want to try and finally I got an idea to manipulate some of the templates of great sites.
End of story I managed to do it.

Here are some sites and blogs that inspired me,

* Eska - Esde
* Modern Clix

And some tools that I use,

* Firebug
* Adobe PhotoShop Cs 5
* CorelDraw Graphics Suite X4
* ColorSchemer Studio 

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